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Designs in fashion editorial!

Steampunk Editorial for Dark Beauty Magazine April 2011
Photographer: Laura Dark Photography
Models: Jackie Steinert and Brianne Jeanette
MUA: Beth Gray
Clothing Design: Irregular Pearl Designs



Troy's Jewelry!

Troy is selling his pretty Jewelry on Etsy now! Go check it out. More will be up later.


Thanks lovies


MN Rufflebutts

I can make it to the MN Rufflebutts Secret Santa meet up! I'm so excited. I haven't seen my Ruffly friends for sooooo long.

I'll add an awesome pic for good measure.

The Timeless Prelude by Sayaka Maruyama.

CREEPY Picture of the day!


Picture of the day

Picture of the day...

Eugenio Recuenco

Photo Shoot!

Clothing Design: KMKdesigns, Photographer: Photosynthetique, I did the modeling, make up and Hair XD

I am doing a photoshoot tomorrow with KMKdesigns and Photosynthetique! I am so excited!
I am also modeling for KMKdesigns at SGMS full fashion panic.
I will post pics when I get them.
in the meantime look at these pretty photos...

Mario Testino



Turn and face the strange...CH CH CHANGES!

Ok that aside. I am posting about changes with my designs, how things are going, and will potentially go in the future.

Currently I am working my ass off making my Sci Fi line for the April 30th ABDUCTION:2010 show. It is going to be AMAZING, and Im very proud of the designs so far. Im getting a lot more improvement on the following: Finding and organizing models, sketching fashion illustration, my actual sewing for the small amount of supplies I have, the creative and professional manipulation of objects into garments, MASKMAKING ^.^, Organizing finances for shows, planning for the garments themselves, pimping my ideas, boundless creativity (but almost to a fault >.<), finding inspiration and more to come I hope.

I am trying to get enrolled in the Apparel Technologies program but my math scores are atrocious so I have to talk to a counselor before I know anything. I hope I get in! Yay using equipment for freeeeeee!

Along with this I am making at least two outfits for the February event!

I am on a probitionary period in the Libertine Asylum. Lets hope I have money for a line after the Sci Fi show.

My parents are going to get High Speed so I can FINALLY make my website now. I might get help from my friend Will. Im going to start making more 'typical', and 'wearable' clothing for that. Also going to sell things on Etsy and Ebay.

I realized Im good at making masks. So I plan on selling those along with my clothing. It takes forever to do but its totally worth it.

After the Sci Fi show I plan on moving in with Trinity so expenses will be tighter but it will be good for me and Ill live closer to everything.

Aside from my designs I plan on making a modeling portfolio as well because Ive heard good feedback so why not right! :D

Thats about it for now...

p.s. if you have any tips suggestions or comments let me know!


Sorry for my disapearance... Facebook totally ate my soul. I'll try to lurk and post more :shamed face: